GatorCon Dealers Room Spaces are SOLD OUT!

  It is not lost on us, the trust put into a show promoter by vendors signing up for a first time show even if th

Limited Space available in the ballroom

Get yours before we sell out!

We love those of you who believe in us from the get-go.

Advertising list:

1.  Paid Facebook targeted advertising.  Very effective

2. Outdoor signs in a 40 mile radius of the venue

3  Press Releases to all radio, tv, podcast we know of

4.  We ask our vendors to also spread the word.

5.  Fliers large and small in  comic book stores, coffee shops, pizzerias,.....anywhere with a bulletin board.

Our other two shows had first years between 1300 and 1500 persons......lets make that happen here....OR BETTER!

QUESTIONS?:  Contact Alicia at  Please put GatorCon in the Subject line.  Emails with nothing in the subject line are deleted for fear of virus....

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